Throttle % backwards with my "Air Boat"

I am working on a pontoon “Air Boat” with an aircraft / engine / propeller esc for slow (2 m/s) water surveys.

By using an “aircraft style” drive set up i believe i have messed up how rover interprets ch3 %. When my chan 3 is Min (980 pwm) throttle % is displayed at 100% (because it thinks i am full reverse?), however the esc interprets this setting as 0% output due to my low pwm output. When i hit 50% of chan 3 (1490 pwm) APM interprets that as 0% throttle, however the engine is spinning at 50% output.

I have tried resetting my throttle to the chan 4 rudder and/or chan 2 elevator on the transmitter, but the pwm output still drives the motor at 50% because pwm is still 1500 ish.

I tried resettng the min / max / trim of the pwm and that doesn’t work either.

Is there a work around for this without getting into code changes? Does rover code only work with “car” style esc’s with fwd and reverse???


Unfortunately the ArduRover2 code is setup for an ESC that responds to both forward and backwards control so that 1500us is neutral while 2000us is full forward and 1000us is full backwards,
I have sent our programmer, Tridge, a message about your issue, but I do not know how soon he can get to it as he is participating in AU Outback Challenge at the moment:-(
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer