"Throttle assist" during takeoff/landing?

When ArduCopter gets close to ground, throttle drops, and when lifting, it seems to assist lift.(Even in stabilize) Discovered this in recent versions.
Seems like something to help people do a decisive takeoff/landing, but it’s a total killer for landings in terrain where some precision is needed, like placement of the landing struts on even points of the surface.

What is this feature called - and is there a parameter to disable it ?

how copter behaves on takeoff and landing totally depends on the MODE you are flying in ( or landing in )… are you in STABILISE, LOITER, ALT_HOLD, AUTO, or something else…? :slight_smile:

like I mentioned, this even happened in Stabilize, I could not find anything in source code, then it came to me, what I saw was the ground effect near uneven ground (flying a 15kg machine 10-20cm above the ground ) - the payload was a radar.