Throttle and pitch sticks swapped in RC calibration

I recently received the pixhawk flight board and I’ve been trying to set it up with my x shaped quad. I’ve calibrated everything but I’ve noticed that the throttle stick (left non springy stick) controls the pitch levels from 1083 to 1748 and the right stick controls the throttle from 998 to 1850. I’m using a Spektrum DX5e controller with a spektrum receiver.

How do I switch this so that the throttle is controlled with the correct stick??

I have not been able to get the quad to arm and the motors to throttle up. I assume this is because my controllers sticks are swapped and I can’t get into auto ESC calibration mode. I also can’t manually calibrate them because my receiver has no throttle output.

I hope some kind soul out there can help me resolve this problem!
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like the channel order is different for your receiver. There’s a set of RCMAP_ parameters that should allow you to swap the orders around. Sorry I know that’s not much to go on, we don’t have it documented on the wiki anywhere yet.

Did you try switching the pitch and throttle leads on the receiver?

Thanks for the reply’s guys!
However I found the real issue was that I had to switch my DX5e from mode 1 to mode 2. Apparently this switch is hidden under the front cover next to the other 5 servo switches, so I had to unscrew the back and then unscrew the motherboard to get to the front and flip the switch.

After all that and some more trouble shooting I was able to get my system to arm!

However there are two new problems… I was only able to arm it when holding the throttle stick down and to the LEFT… I tried to reverse the rudder servo but then it wouldn’t arm at all.

The other issue is that when it arms the motors start spinning pretty fast with the throttle all the way down. Although this might just be a parameter issue that I haven’t looked at yet.

I hope someone can help me resolve these issues! Thanks again :slight_smile: