Throtle Fail Safe Problem

Hiii Everyone;
I m using Ardu copter 3.5.5 I m trying to setup Throtle fail safe everything is operated normaly, When I decrease the Throtle failsafe is activated, but it isnt change the flght mode RTL, did anyone have same problem…


Why are you trying to trigger a fail safe using throttle position?

Post your .bin log so we can check your parameters.

only for safety, I havent flew so far distance but from time to time it might be interfrequence problem even short distance if any problem like this aircraft must be Return the home safely,

thanks mike, ı will share log file you as soon as possible…

Hii Mike…

This is .bin log file, My main problem is when I turn of the radio Flight mod pass the RTH mode, but unfortunately…

YOu can assign a switch to trigger RTL…

Your throttle failsafe is set to 996
But your throttle never goes below 1085

As @oldgazer1 pointed out, you can set a switch to activate RTL.
If you want to check radio failsafe make sure you have the receiver values set properly for failsafe.
When plugged into Mission Planner and looking at the radio calibration page, does the throttle bar go below 996 when you turn your Tx off?
If not, read the manufactures instructions for your chosen radio system.

thank you Mr. Boland your kindly information, I solved problem, with your supported,


Have nice and Safely Flights