Three-axis gimbal ZT30N

Size 145180217mm
Weight 1380g
Installation method Drawer type quick release
Structure rotation range 360° (heading); -120°~30° (pitch)
PTZ control range ±0.03°
Whether to support zoom support
Visible light image sensor 1/2.8 inch Exmor CMOS
Visible light zoom 30x optical zoom
Visible light camera pixel 2.13 million
Visible light video resolution 1080P, 30 frames
Visible light lens 4.3~129.0mm
Photo compression format JPEG
Camera image stabilization electronic image stabilization
Thermal Imaging Sensor Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane
Thermal imaging resolution 640*512
Thermal imaging lens 35mm
Thermal imaging sensitivity≤50mK@25℃, F#1.0 (≤40mK optional)
FOV 7.5°X 5.6°/12.5° X 10°
Palette Black Hot / White Hot / Lava / Rainbow
Pixel size 12μm

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