THR_MID vs new CTUN.ThrOut


With the motors refactor, I’m getting ThrOut values of about 0.25 instead of the older values (like 500 for normal mid hover). Is this value between 0 and 1, ie is mine about 25%? And should I still set THR_MID to 250?

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@fnoop, yes for now THR_MID should be about 100x bigger than CTUN.ThrOut. There’s likely going to be one more set of changes from Leonard to bring THR_MID in line with the CTUN.ThrOut values (i.e. range will be changed to 0 ~ 1). He actually also hopes to remove the need to set that value explicitely - the idea is that we think we can get it to learn that value. This should appear in -rc2 in a week or two.

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Can report the same issue. Noticed ThrOut dropped from 0.35 (AC3.3.3) to 0.15 (AC3.4), can this also be related to switching from normal pwm to oneshot125? I did not recalibrate the esc, as it is not properly working even in forced mode.

Week or two?..or three…or?..

or none :slight_smile:

I would advise to not worry too much with THR_MID. I’ve already “played” a bit with the new Automatic THR_MID determination…

Another “world premiere” for Copter 3.4 :astonished:

I guess Leonard’s hopes became a reality because the THR_MID has been removed from masters. Will we still be able to reuse our 3.4rc1 parameters with rc2? btw, any idea when rc2 will be available?

Yes, that is in master, but there is still a bug in there that needs to be fixed.

What do you mean with reuse parameters from rc1? You can reuse most of them, some will be removed and there will be new ones.

rc2 doesn’t have a date set in stone, but maybe next week.

I tested this new feature with different payloads and it seems to work really fine. I only noticed an altitude drop when switching from stabilize to loiter directly after takeoff for the first time after installing master. This might have been in the “learning” phase. But then it was all as expected!
Great feature! Thanks!

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I’m trying to tune a copter which flew nice (even autotune worked) in 3.3.3. Autoanalysis gave me an error “Empty log… throttle never above 20%”, my thr_mid value is set correctly at 300 and it flys decent in stab. When entering althold the copter slowly climbs or descends it can’t hold alt (this did work in 3.3.3). Barometer readings are clear and vibrations are also within reasonable levels. copter can be considered as pretty light with 245g.
Can you please have a look at my LOG and point me in the right direction.

I am afraid to turn that on bcs.of my bad experience here

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I am not spamming at all,all this threads are connected to my problems with throttle and other things as well…if you read it u would understand…so maybe someone reading your blog knows the solution…

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