Thr_max & thr_min missing from parameters list?

My copter is massively over-powered and i need to reduce the maximum throttle it can achieve.
I’ve found that thr_mid, thr_max and thr_min would be what im looking for - except there is no sign of those parameters in the full list or tree.

What am i missing here? Have they been recently removed in an update and replaced with something else?
I see that auto calibraiton of this was introduced in coter 3.4 but i need to reduce by 75% as the copter is unflyable atm.


I think the relevant parameter may be MOT_THST_HOVER (aka hover throttle). In AC3.4 (and higher) this is automatically calculated if you put the vehicle into a steady hover in AltHold, Loiter, PosHold. normally it takes about 30 seconds to learn the value.

By the way, if this is a new vehicle then it’s best to use AC3.4.5 for now and upgrade to AC3.5 once it’s flying well. This allows us to separate the regular vehicle setup and configuration issues from the beta software issues.