THR_DZ doesn't work in Loiter

I have large octa, I set THR_DZ and it works correctly on AltHold, but it doesn’t work in Loiter and PosHold modes. I set the throttle linear.

Thanks for your answers.

What do you mean “I set it”? Typically the default of 100 us doesn’t need to be changed.

It doesn’t work with the default value of 100 in Loiter and Poshold,
while it’s in the deadzone range, octa will climb or descend with any low stick change.

Then it could be another issue. Post a link to a .bin flight log for when this occured.

Hi Dave, my log file:

It looks over weight/under powered to me which will provide poor stability control. Your average motor output at hover is ~1800µs.

Thanks Dave.
But i didn’t understand exactly, Is this the reason for the deadzone’s problem? why?

Its the reason for many stability problems. You have no thrust headroom for control. PWM should be ~1500us at hover. Forget about a minor issue at hover, you have bigger problems.

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