Thoneflow-3901uy (optical flow) link broken

The seeedstudio purchase link looks to have changed on this page

new link

Also can buy at digikey

I am curious as to if the other sensors listed on that page are similar to the CX-OF sensor that the page is about. I’m a little confused as there seems to be that optical flow landing page where the page lists some sensor options but then there’s more options in the CX-OF page. If they are clones or similar it makes sense but if they are different sensors does it make sense to have them on the landing page?

Had trouble finding a CX-OF optical flow sensor. Looks to be sold out most places other than aliexpress (I tried that suggested search for spare parts but that site doesn’t seem to have it anymore). Any ideas? Also that banggood link for the CX-OF sensor is broken.

Are the performance of the optical flow sensors about the same? I don’t see much discussion on that. TIA!

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