This morning I clicked on DONATE

I still cant believe the chance we have to get access to such technology for free. Thanks to Randy Mackay , Andrew Tridgell and all the developers, I can develop an OpenCV python based red balloon tracker on my Companion Computer and test it on a simulator before getting this prototype airborne…this IS Rocket Science, and you dont need NASA budget to get access to this, so please donate: ‘‘Its a small click for man…’’


indeed, these folks do an amazing job

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good reminder! thanks

I really really agree to this article!!!

I’ll donate amount of money after I make a money even if I’m not working with drone.

it is great to access such a technology for free. and it is very suprising that hobbyst like me can study and modify UAV’s source code.

open source system should be adopted every science field and people who opens their technology shouldbbe compensated enough!