This is driving me insane

I simply cannot do a successful compass calibration since upgrading mp to 1.3.10.

It used to be so simple, but now I just get constant message saying I haven’t got enough points in a certain plane (which isn’t always the same plane) and that’s with over 3,000 points! No matter where I point it or rotate it I never get enough points in some plane or other. :imp: :confused:

And I always get “bad compass health” :imp:

it’s got so bad that I thought my APM was faulty so I swapped it, but no difference.
So I changed the gps/compass module, but no difference.
Continuity checked the gps/compass cable - all good
Swapped the gps/compass cable just in case - no change
Checked for a blown 3.3v regulator - all good

What have I got to do to get this to work? It is driving me insane. I have spent literally hours on this, over several days. I just want to fly my hex!

Or where do I find an earlier Mp version?

Soooooo frustrated. Going for beers (again) now.

You could try APM Planner 2.0, it uses a much simpler compass calibration procedure. see