This forum need RSS

This forum is hard to watch, its much nicer to receive new topics as RSS.
It would/could increase participation, and response time.

This forum has rss.

You can append .rss to just about anything. For example, to see just the replies to this post, you could use:

For all the latest posts:

For just arducopter posts:

And so forth. Like most websites, this website advertises the availability of RSS feeds through tags in the header. This means if you have an RSS aware browser, or if you just paste a URL into your feed reader of choice, it should Just Work. For example, I use Feedly, and I can add as a source and Feedly will discover the two feeds available from that URL.


thank you ! :slight_smile: it’s great !

I just found this post. And immediately it is my new favorite post. .rss is great! thanks!