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Will the tower app work with the SkyDroid device.
I have looked at both and have a preference in Tower
That said it could be that I don’t have the unit yet…Hasn’t been shipped yet…oh saddness

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Definitely in need of some documentation.
I can’t find any I can read I am afraid to say

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Don’t worry we are translating now

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Awesome thanks
I can’t wait.

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Do you have links to where you can buy additional receivers.
I have two drones that I would consider converting to the ML12l unit assuming other receivers are available.
Also any documentation that would be helpful


Yes, there are receivers. There are also instructions in English. I’m preparing for these two days. Wait a minute. I know what you need.

My unit is supposed to arrive today. I can’t wait to give it a try.

My unit arrived today.
Will unbox it tomorrow and get it on video so people can see how its packed. Provide any feedback and give potential users a glimpse into the experience.

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    November 7

My unit arrived today.

Will unbox it tomorrow and get it on video so people can see how its packed. Provide any feedback and give potential users a glimpse into the experience.

So I got my unit out of the packaging this morning.
Here are my observations, questions and limited conclusions.

First the Aliexpress documentation shows a soft sided carrying case. I was surprised to find it was a hard sided case, this is good.
The case had a broken leg and a large dent in the frame, this is bad.
But the contents appeared unaffected, this is good.

Aliexpress documentation shows two types of antennas. One the standard rubber ducky antenna and the second being a shorter 2.4ghz antenna. The rubber ducky types are to large and heavy for a copter and so I wanted to use the smaller antennas…but they didn’t come with the unit. Not sure if this is an oversight or what.

But would prefer the smaller antenna, see image below.

I also got what looked like a patch antenna. I assume its for the receiver but there is no documentation so far so not sure.

The units plastic flexible covers on the sticks where pushed down. That was easy to correct, i just pulled them back up with tweezers.
The real concerning item is that the throttle stick is on a spring and set to center. My concern with that is that the machine when armed would go to half throttle right away. That would not be good. So any feedback on that would be appreciated.
There is a joystick for gimbal control. Thats awesome…I like that idea.
The documentation doesn’t show it but there is a telemetry connecting cable thats supplied, this is goodness.

There are these strange black metal collars. I have no idea what they are for.
There are also some weird metal strips and screws…no clue what they are for, I suspect they are alternate joystick tips…I have not tried it out to see.


  1. Can I get the other antenna version, the smaller set.
  2. What are the black metal collars for.
  3. What are the small metal strips and screws for.
  4. Can the throttle stick be adjusted such that its down and not half throttle,.
  5. How do you turn it on. Right now if I press power the 4 leds light up for 2 seconds and go out. Not sure if there is a press and hold or a press two buttons…Whats the secret. Update it looks like its a press then press and hold like the mavic tx works.
  6. how do you know its charged.

So far I like what I see. I have it charging right now and will see about playing with it more in the coming days. There is documentation coming and so I suspect a lot of my questions will be answered shortly.
IT feels good in my hand, the controls are easy to reach and the unit isn’t heavy.
I can’t say I would recommend the unit just yet but that’s because it’s early days and I have a lot to learn about it. But Skydroid has been very helpful so far and I expect they will continue to be.


It’s not a great video but it will give you a quick look at what came yesterday.


do you have a link were to buy it please ive googled but all i get is the receiver many thanks

here ya go Marty

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Ok learned a couple things so far

Turn the unit on…Press the power button once.
Press it again and hold, the leds will light up from left to right and then a double beep.
Oh and the LEDs are super bright so don’t stare at them you’ll go blind lol

Pairing your phone or tablet.
Run the add new device function on your phone and pair with M12l_061
The code is 1234

Ok got the assistant app installed. The receiver attached to a flight controller.
Telemetry is flowing to the Tower app so I can see the horizon and stuff move.
I have yet to figure out how to get RC signal going to the receiver. Moving the sticks does nothing.
More to play with.
Also what is setting the Hand.

Well thats about as far as I can go.

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