Third battery monitoring


I have a question about battery monitoring.
For the first and second batteries, I know I can monitor the current and voltage by plugging the power module connector into the pixhawk power port.
But what should I do to monitor the third battery?
The pixhawk cube orange I’m using has only two power ports.

Please help someone.

ArduCopter supports at least 9 batteries, so a third is not and issue, just enable it in the parameters and connect it via i2c on an unused i2c address.

Thank you @amilcarlucas.
I will try it.

I tried to connect to the I2C port, but I faced a new problem.
I’m trying to monitor battery current and voltage via a Holybro power module.
The problem is that the power module has 6 wires, but the I2C port has only 4 wires.
How should I connect?

It sounds like your third battery monitor is also an analog monitor not I2C? The two middle pins on the 6pin power connectors are analog V_sense & I_sense pins.

I thought about using the ADC port but that only has one pin and you would need to make your build I think. Maybe someone else will chime in as usually pins can do multiple things, but that would likely require a custom build…

You could ask in the Cube Pilot forum too.

It might be time to find a CAN/I2C monitor…

@hendjosh, thank you for your advice.
As you say, my third battery monitor is an analog monitor.

I will also ask a question on in the Cube Pilot forum.