Thesis about security analysis of firmware


I am a computer science student (KU Leuven - Belgium), specialization secure software.
For my thesis, I want to perform a security analysis of the software/firmware running on drones. After a lot of reading, I have found that there has been a lot of research on the hardware and communication aspect (Wifi-hacks, GPS spoofing, bluetooth, Zigbee, …), but it seems like much of the secure software part has been untouched. I have found some articles about DARPA and Galois creating hack-proof drone software (commercial).
I am willing to further investigate whether or not some common vulnerabilities are present, whether or not they can be exploited and what the consequences can be, particular on open source software (ref. Dronecode project).
Is there someone who can bring me into contact with a researcher or interested person who has done some research in the field of security of drone software?

I would like to further refine the topic or goal depending on the ‘demands’ of the community and be up to date with the current state of the art on the safety of drone software.

Best regards,