Thermal cameras?


Im thinking about getting a thermal camera for a multicopter. Mostly testing.

  • I have been looking at Flir Duo which is a GoPro-size-camera (only 160x120).
  • But have also been looking at FLIR One Pro if t is possible to connect it to any HDMI-device instead of using a phone, phablet or tablet. This one is also only 160x120.
  • And also the Thermal Seek Compact Pro (same as FLIR One Pro but twice the resolution, 320. I dont know if this one could be connected to a HDMI-device instead of a phone, phablet or tablet.

Is there other cameras under 1000€ that is similar to the above?
Have anyone of you experiences regarding thermal cameras?


No one testing or flying with thermal cameras?

@MickeM We’ve recently started experimenting with both the Flir One and Seek Compact with modest success so far but we’re still at it. Both of these we plug into a raspberry Pi through microUSB
Here is what we are using as resources:
@fnoop beautiful Maverick CC software that supports both the Seek and Flir One
DIY drone article for the Flir One
I think the Flir Vue Pro would the camera to get – we, for one, have yet made the leap to that investment …


Do you know or have tested if the FLIR camera can handle movement? Like if it is in a plane and pointed straight downwards, does the photos and/or movies of the ground get blurred because of the moving plane? Is it taking photos with fast shutter or does it need some time for each photo to get the thermal measuring right?

Its hard to find used FLIRs. I do want to test with a cheap one first, like Duo. Then if it seems to work good, except the resolution, its gets interesting to get one of the Vue’s.

Well, I got a Seek Thermal CompactPro FF for Android (USB-C) with 320x240 resolution but the one with 15Hz framerate (there is a 9Hz also).

The only negative so far is It have only 32 degrees Field of view which is a little bit low.

Have only tested it a lot inside houses to find cold spots, works really well.
Havent tested outside yet (raining all the time when I have time…), would like to se how far a human is visible. I have seen videos where people lights up 100+ meter away.
And I havent had the time to make an adapter to get the signal out of it to a live-feed through VTX, yet. Maybe I could use a phone on the drone and send the hole screen to the ground.
The movement is interesting too… will try from car some day.
And just start recording from a multicopter or plane some other day.

FLIR was double the price (999USD) with half the resolution (160x120).

Have you looked at the PureThermal 2? It’s a USB carrier board for the FLIR Lepton module, which sends the image data as a UVC webcam. Toss a raspi up there and Bob’s your uncle. No NTSC out, sadly.

On the plus side, it’s tiny, light, and fairly affordable, $99 plus whichever Lepton you want to toss into it, roughly another $200-300 depending on which one you pick.

Lepton… isnt that a very old low resolution-camera? 80x60 or something like that? Or are there any higher resolutions on the Leptons today? Seek is 320-240, which I already have. I haven tested it from a plane yet, building a SkyWalker X5Pro for GoPro 7, “almost done”. Later for Seek Thermal CompactPro.