There is no "Fly To Here" option in Mission Planner

According to this:

I should be able to get my drone aloft in loiter mode, connect using MP, then right click on the map and select “Fly To Here”. I just tried it today in the latest MP but there is no option for flying to a specific place.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

That’s all you have to do:

Hmm, I don’t have this screen at all. All I see in MP is the normal data screen that you get after you connect. I have right click menu options such as “mark as ROI” etc.

You don’t even have to connect. Right mouse and up pops the menu with “Fly to here” at the top. Of course you have to be connected for the function to work. Update to the Latest Beta from the Help Menu and try again.

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Okay, cool. Does the menu change depending on if you have “Quick” or “Actions” tab selected? That may be my problem.

Are you using the latest Mission Planner ? (1.74)

I have version 1.3.74.

I can confirm that I have a “Fly To” option when I am disconnected. As soon as I am connected, I am flying, and I am in loiter mode I see I whole different right-click menu.

What is your vehicle? (Controller, firmware version)?
Could you make a screenshot where the FlyTo menu is missing ?
Also can you post MissionPlanner.log* files from c:\ProgramData\Mission Planner directory? (the directory is hidden)

It’s a Pixhawk1 quadcopter with the latest stable Ardupilot firmware (4.0.4?).

The problem only presents itself when the drone is already flying. When it is on the ground and connected to MP I can see the “Fly To” option.

I’ll get some screenshots for you next time I’m flying in the next few days.

Hi, i dont know why but when i tap right click on map the drone fly to the point i tap without open the menu. How to change it ?