The steps of learning the flight controller software development

Hi all

first of all i am proud to be in this community with people with a high level of knowledge in the field of flight controls

I am a quadcopter user and previously worked on Pixhawk. I have completed building some drones and programming them using dronekit.

Now I am on my way to understanding the libraries on which the controllers are built

Is there any advice on how to learn?
Is there advice from developers on a clear path to learning in development?

I hope there are useful tips

Thanks to all

Read the ArduPilot development wiki

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  1. you have to be fluent in C++, Ap sw dev is not something where you can learn C++ on the “job”
  2. Read the wiki mentioned above.
  3. Find a small task
  4. Go through the code, for examples that help in the small task.

And before start the task, always check if it can be done easier in LUA script instead of modifying the main code.

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