The PX sending the weird signal to motor. Please help!

Hello every one!
I am new in this field. I am planning to build a autonomous rover. However I have some problem and need your help.
I am using Hypro PX4, the Sabertooth 2x32 (Brushed BiPolar) ESC, and mission planner 1.3.74. I have uploaded the firmware Rover 4.0.0 to my px.
I have set the Servo1 = 26 (Ground Steering) and Servo2 = 70 (Throttle). Other parameters are shown in the attachment below.
First problem is that the mission planner does not allow me to do the esc calibration.
Second, I have set my rover to the manual mode, however whenever I turn off the safety switch, the motors will run without the remote. Once my rover worked well in manual mode so that I could control it with TX, but after I turn off the power and came back in next day my rover is running again when I turn off the safety switch. I have checked and saw that the PWM IO has send some weird signal to the rover. I have tried to check the parameters but everything seem to be fine.
Please help me!
04_13_2021.param (15.7 KB)

before reading your post completly: The Sabertooth is most certainly not a “brushed bipolar” motor controller.
Set ESC type to “normal” (MOT_PWM_TYPE 0).

Thank you for your responding! I had also tried with the normal esc and it is still not worked. And in the docs about the esc types it shows that the Sabertooth is the Brushed BiPolar esc.

Where did you read that the Sabertooth 2x32 is a bipolar motor driver?
The DIP switch settings should be:

1-OFF 2-ON 3-OFF 4-OFF 5-ON 6-OFF

This sets the Sabertooth to independent mode, battery protection, microcontroller (Pixhawk) PWM control.

Is the vehicle skid or ackerman/rudder steering?

It is right [Here] showing that the sabertooth be the brushed bipolar (
I am using the separate steering and throttle type.
I will try your suggestion!
Thank you!

Thank you so much! following you instructions is much better than I did the research! It worked now.

I guess the wiki needs some work there. I would always cross check with the device manual. The manufacturer should know best after all.