The problem of Steering gear and ESC

I just complete all calibrations besides esc.Here is the parameter file:
Rover 3.5.2.param (13.1 KB)
And the errors:

This could be from no GPS lock.

Here is the GPS status:

After I push the switch to disarm:

I think dkemxr is right… try to go out to get gps fix and then the errors must disappear.
If I remember correct I have bad AHRS when I disarm, so let’s try it in armed mode.

Ok, I will take it outside for tests.

I would just build your vehicle and work out the issues after it’s properly setup and configured. You don’t learn much with the flight controller and accessory hardware sitting on a bench. Build the boat!

Here is my test indoors and I used px4:

These days I am working to find the reasons which caused ekf error. Next,I will keep testing 3.5.2 outdoors until it works correctly.

You will get “BAD AHRS” with a bad GPS lock. It means nothing in manual mode.

@dkemxr @David_Boulanger @DerSchakal1007
First of all,thank you all.I tseted my usv based on Rover 3.5.2 and it successed indoors just now.Tomorrow I have the chance to test it outdoors.Now the new question is the propeller can not reverse.It can only forward.Could you give me some advice?Thank you sincerely.

What type of ESC and motor do you have? Does the ESC support reverse?

The motor is quter rotor brushless motor,the ESC is brushless motor ESC.The ESC support reverse.
Here is the exterior:

So that ESC probably is not configured by default for bi-directional operation. If you are lucky it can be configured this way with a programming card.

From the manual default is “forward” but it can be programmed for Forward/Reverse. So get yourself a programming card.

Thank for your advice.I tested the reverse of ESC just now.It was successful.Thank you again.