The POS message, and its effects on flight performance

Hi all,

Occasionally when looking back at flight logs from my plane I see a large discrepancy between the POS message, which I believe is the result of the EKF state estimator for the position of the plane, and the GPS position. I expect the GPS to play a massive part in the state estimator, so this always kind of surprises me.

Anecdotically, also it seems that these bad estimator values always show up when I analyse a flight where the flight performance was ‘less good’. I typically fly my plane in Fly By Wire A, but I’m not sure if a bad position estimate should influence flight stability in FBWA mode or not.

Can anyone confirm or deny the influence of a bad position estimate from the EKF on FBWA flight performance? And does anyone have pointers for improving the position estimate? For reference, I have attached a link to pictures from two log files. One from a previous flight a month ago approximately, where GPS position and the estimate align really well. The second is a flight from yesterday, on a different location, where, well, the estimate aligns terribly. I am running ArduPlane 3.7.1.

Thank you!