The plane suddenly increase power and hit the side of road on ground

Hi captains and engineers,:wink:, I have six times of flight yesterday ,everything is fine except the fifth time of flight .
I’m going to take off again after landing,but the plane suddenly increase power and hit the side of road when on low speed taxi.
I have analysed the log and find out the channel3 of RCin seems suddenly increased,but i remember i didn’t increase throttle sitck.Maybe I am not sure that I’ve increase the throttle stick,please look at the log file around 294s ,but there is another probem,Why is the value of rcout3 in the 1350μs when my thorrtle stick is at the lowest position(around 1100μs).
After I fixed the plane, I did the sixth flight test. the plane flight good,but i found another problem.the airspeed always higher than the GPS ground speed at any derections ,It’s certainly not the wind affect.
i have accomply the airspeed calibration in my first of flight.
the log of all day have been upload to google cloudy,hope some one can analyse my log and find out the reason of hit the side of the road and airspeed problems,thanks .
PLS:my hardware is:F405 wing installed arduplane 3.9.9,mini talon

I just analysis the log ,maybe the airspeed have some problem due to hit the side of road.because the airspeed as almost the same as ground speed at the preflight leg .but There was no collision on pitot tube.