The Plane passes twice on the same route!

I’m doing a mapping mission. I noticed that the plane goes to the point but returns on the same route. It then moves 50 meters and repeats the situation again. As a result, routing is captured twice.
Are there any settings to fix the problem?
I apply a Photo with the route from the logs.

Mission is created with Survey Grid v1

Best to post the log file and a saved version of the mission file otherwise there’s not a lot to diagnose.
Are there any DO_JUMP commands in your mission?

I uploaded files on my server:

Disabke ekf, best matching and upgrade firmware. This 3.7.1 has many problems for mapping

I found the problem! I do not know if this is the best solution. I changed NAVL1_PERIOD from 20 to 14. The plane is now following the line strictly! I’m thinking of changing the firmware to 3.8

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