The latest firmware for Cube has a problem with the VDD_5V_PERIPH_EN Pin?

GPS, I2C does no have Power, because the Enable Pin for VDD_5V_Periph is low.
I have opened the Cube and measured this line.
I make a compare to the other Enable-Pins.

What is the reason for this?

Any Ideas?

The System i have is chibios and arduplane 3.4.9 or so.
The Cube 2.1 is a new one.

Sounds similar to issues 2 users over at are having:

To your Info, the Arm/Disarm-LED does also not work, after firmware-change.
Because the power is down.


it looks like Philip (ProfiCNC) and Tridge have found the issue here. Looks like it was a bug in how the bootloader was written. Something about pulling the _EN pin low…Idk…code is way over my head.

fixes are incoming and i assume will be built into future releases. no idea when. see the threads over at i linked above for more info.

Sorry, the issue is probably a short circuit in the last stage of PCM or CB,
because the 5V High power output works.