The date and time of my log file is incorrect

The date and time of my log file is incorrect. Where can I set it? Its stange that sometimes its correct, sometimes its not. In the screen shot below, the date is Jan. 1, 1970 @ 11AM.

  1. Flight Controller - Kakute H7 V2
  2. GPS - GPS & Compass M8Q-5883 – Matek Systems
  3. ESC - Holybro Tekko32 F6 60A running on BLHeli.
  4. Motors - Racestar AirA 2508 1200KV
  5. Firmware - V4.3.0 Beta 4

Usually that means you don’t have sufficient GPS lock. The time is taken from the GPS.

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Activate fence. This will prevent you from arming without GPS lock and will guarantee correct date Inn the logs.

I have not explored about fence. I will read into it. Thanks.