The Cube, Pixhawk2.1 is out the door

Thanks to sUAS, news is spreading fast about the release of the new Pixhawk 2.1 “The Cube”


Looks awesome, I’m in the market for an autopilot and would like something “modern”, which this is. The website: is down (from California, USA, at least) - I’d really like to learn more, such as about shipping to the US

Website Failure…

Hi all, the website went down today due to our hosting provider deciding that last night would be a good time for a server migration.

We have managed to get it back up!

However… Please order from Distributors, NOT this website.

We want to help the distributors, as they help us!

Congratulations on shipping.
I paid pixhawk in September and I still do not see any shipping.
Is there any problem with the shipments to Spain ?.


Just received my two - excited to start playing.

Will it be possible to buy additional cable sets to connect peripherals that don’t have the standard DF13 sockets? I’ll cut the DF13 connectors off and solder my own ones on, but I don’t want to hack my ONLY set of cables!

I know it may be a hassle to split them all up, so initially selling the whole cable set (maybe minus the USB) would be good.

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Best to contact jDrones, I believe they plan on selling cables

Really?! I ordered and paid $266 on 01/25/2017, however, as of today 04/15/2017, never got it!

BXYTWZBKE 01/25/2017 $266.0

Pixhawk2.1 Standard Set, not compatible with Edison Chip(No delivery till late February) and GPS2 Port Cable (No Delivery Til Late February)

the item I ordered and paid has NEVER been shipped out.

I am suspecting or even thinking there are problems in this company, 3DR was already gone/done in 2016.

To whoever might be interested in pixhawk, read my story first before you pay your money. I paid $266 on 01/25/2017, as of today 04/15/2017, never received it!

Sorry to hear about your troubles!

Please pm me your order number and the email address that you used for ordering, and I will follow up on the order



Order reference Date Total price
BXYTWZBKE 01/25/2017 $266.0

my email:

some details:
Reference Product Quantity Unit price Total price
HX6001 Pixhawk2.1 Standard Set, not compatible with Edison Chip(No delivery till late February)
1 $238.0 $238.0
HX6011 GPS2 Port Cable (No Delivery Til Late February)
1 $2.0 $2.0


sorry did I miss entering my email address? my email address:

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You didn’t, @proficnc edited it out for privacy reasons, as I’ve done now :slight_smile:

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Is there any place to get just the edison carrier board?

Received my 2.1 pixhawk on 10-20-2017 with Edison board installed from Aero Hawk Technologies. Came a little short on technical information, as far as, how the Edison board enhances pixhawks capabilities. Does anyone have a information resource they would share with me? Thanks, Jeff

Please search for companion computers.

It is a blank slate… it’s up to you to decide what to do