The copter airmod cannot stabilize the posture

The ACRO mode is turned on when the copter is flying, and the AIRMOD is always turned on. If the throttle is at 0, it won’t hold the attitude, is this normal?

I actually used ARDUPILOT’s firmware on a 5" drone. Because I need to fly long distances, betafilght’s GPS rescue mode is not that reliable. When I fly in ACRO mode, if the throttle is 0, the aircraft will lose the attitude hold function. (AIRMOD is already turned on). may I ask if this is normal?

This is a bug that is fixed in 4.3:

After firmware 4.3, turning on airmod still does not have enough strength to control the attitude of the aircraft. Which parameter should be modified?

Can you post a log demonstrating the problem please?

This is a tlog because my board cannot fit an SD card.
I can reuse one more controller if I really need to.

The aircraft used for this test was an F450,
The performance of 5-inch drones for this problem is not obvious
2022-10-09 14-51-53.tlog (733.4 KB)

Does the board not have flash logging? tlog is not useful

This is the log of the F450 being unable to stabilize at zero throttle in ACRO mode

You don’t have the harmonic notch enabled. Without this you are always going to struggle in propwash.