The Command failed to execute error

I can not start “mission_start” after MP 1.3.75 . ( There is no problem 1.3.74 and below )
May be it is about “do action” button , because when i click preflight_calibration , i get same error message.


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Am I the only one getting this error in the world?
I tried it on several different computers, I installed the beta version. But the simulation doesn’t work also it doesn’t work in auto mission .

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i am facing this issue with the “Level Calibration” any idea how to solve it?

I am using 1.3.73 MP without problem.

What version of ArduPilot firmware?

Latest arducopter i am using

2021-12-17 12-46-17.tlog (577.1 KB)

any advice ?

Go to the help screen and click on “Check for BETA Updates.”

I am using beta version

First, try correcting your failsafe parameters. I think your intended outcome is:


What kind of radios are you using? Do you have RC and telemetry radios?

Futaba 14sg , RFD868 . I am getting same message on simulator…