The Best & Easy simulation method for plane ..!

Hi all ,

Before two months I try to work with simulation for my plane but always I found problems ,
I try flight gear , Xplane 10 , but they didn’t work well for me ,

Now I want to try it again, and simulate my mission at home .

I heard about HIL and STIL but I didn’t get the Idea it works.

Could any one advice me for the perfect and successful way to simulate with any software .


Use SITL, it works by simulating HW sensors

It’s better that HIL since you don’t need to have HW to do the testing, which means you can do it much easily.

@billb ,

what about if i want to simulate mission using MP and flight gear only ?

With simple steps ,

Check then mission planner docs, I personally don’t use it

@billb ,

I went throw the link you post for sitting up the SiTL on windows ,

but I find some misunderstanding in some points .

I get error when I send the command " -j4 --map "

command not found .
I think the problem is I couldn’t do the step for the .bashrc file .

How to add the line code " export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/ardupilot/Tools/autotest " to the end of the file ?

but it dosen’t work …

any help ?

regards .

I’ve never ran SITL on Windows. I just create a Linux VM and run it in that. (I use OSX for my development work or linux)