The best analog OSD


I would like to know what OSD you use and recommend, especially when the flight controller does not have a built-in OSD - in my case it is Cube Orange+?


You should take a look at the older Pitlabs OSD boards. I’ve run Cube FCs and Pitlabs for years.

It’s a graphical display vs character based, so all the displayed information is smooth.

Possibly the best thing is you can make a Mavlink connection to the OSD from your FC. Then the OSD acts like any other Mavlink connected device such as telemetry radio. Meaning you can control functions of the FC through the Pitlabs radio controlled menu system.

For instance, change the geo fence radius and elevation in flight, select and fly to Mission Planner waypoints and activate commands, change flight modes(up to 10 I think), etc. via the radio menu. This is very handy if you fly FPV goggles.

I should also mention that if you fly automatic flights, you can setup more than one in Mission Planner and using the “DO_JUMP” command, using the Pitlabs menu, can select any of the “mini” missions and start from there.


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