The airplane is flying strange. SITL Mission Planner - XPlane 11

Hello friends. I want to fly plane at XPlane 11 with Mission Planner. But the plane’s acting weird.
What am I doing wrong? Video:
(I pressed the ‘B’ key to raise the brakes of the plane.)

Another flight:

Ouch! :wink:

The problem is that your plane is not tuned, and it needs to be: SITL can’t guess the physical characteristics of the plane you’ve chosen. (I am assuming you are running mission planner with default parameters)

Try loading the 747-B400,and use these parameters from Tridge:
Works fine in Xplane 11. To help tune the plane you’ve chosen, take a look at the parameters changed between 747.parm and defaults, that you would need to adjust.

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You are great! Thank you :smiley: . Please let me ask you a few things. Where can I find the cessna172 .parm? Does this link contains all aircraft? What should I do for my own plane?

I am not aware of any existing Ardupilot parameter file for the X-plane Cessna172. What you’d need to do is make one.

Have a look at existing ones like 747, and compare it to default plane parameters. This would give you an indication of what you need to change to make a Cessna parameter file. On the other side of the scale there’s also a parameter file for the PT-60 (an RC model). The right parameters for the Cessna likely lie somewhere between the two.

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Thank you very much for the information you provide.

@OlivierB Thank you for for the pointer to Andrew Tridgell’s sydney waypoints file and the 747-400 params in your response to Enes_Baspinar’s post. I have the following setup on Windows 10: MissionPlanner<>ArduPlane/SITL(under WSL/Ubuntu)<>X-Plane, and started SITL (debug build) manually, and used Andrew’s files. Mission Planner HUD kept flashing BAD AHRS, and complained that WA MINTWA and MAXTWA and DEPTWA must be set to ‘p’ - but it looks like they are integers. Nothing happened automagically, so I started futzing with the stuff in “Actions”. Got it to start takeoff by forcibly arming (bad news?) and clicking Auto. It went off the runway, and crashed! Do you have some suggestions? I wasn’t sure if there is another topic where my question would be more appropriate. Thanks for any help.