The 2017 SUAS Competition Results - ArduPilot for the win

These are the autopilots that each of teams indicate that they were using in the competition. Awesome to see this kind of performance by ArduPilot and congratulations to each of the teams who competed.

1 ArduPilot
2 ArduPilot
3 ArduPilot
4 ArduPilot
5 ArduPilot
6 ArduPilot
7 PX4
8 Piccolo
9 ArduPilot
10 PX4
11 Paparazzi
12 Ardupilot
13 ArduPilot
14 PX4 I think
15 ArduPilot
16 ArduPilot
17 Pixhawk Mini but autopilot software is not mentioned
18 ArduPilot
19 ArduPilot Interesting table on page 4 of #19
20 ArduPilot


If there are team members from any of the teams here on we would love to hear from you.

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Hello, I was on team Animus Ferus for the 2016-2017 SUAS competition. We ranked 5th, using ArduCopter as our main autopilot system. If you have any questions, I am free to answer them.

Go Big Red!

Great to see such diverse applications of Ardupilot. Congrats and thanks to all the developers who contributed.