TFmini Plus assigning multipe I2c addresses

When using more than one TFmini Plus in IC2 mode you have assign different I2C addresse to your TFMini’s. You can change with Benewake SSCOM application the default I2C address.

Out of the factory the TFmini Plus is in UART mode. Changing to I2C mode and changing the I2C address to 11hex can be done with SSCOM.

However when you try to give it another I2C address than 11hex, for example 12, 13 or 14hex, Ardupilot does not recognize it anymore. You can reset it to UART mode by flashing the firmware. Benewake does supply a program for that: TFMini Plus upgrade tool.

A proven methode is as follows:

  1. Flash the TFMini if it is not in UART mode
  2. Run SSCOM and set the the frame rate at 250 and click change to I2Cmode. This gives the TFmini a default address of 10hex.
  3. With the Arduino program from Bud Ryersion you can change it to the desired address .
  4. Change the I2C address in Ardupilot in the RGNFIND settings.

Bud Ryersion created a Arduino Sketch to change the I2C address (from 0-127).