Tf mini lidar and maxbotix mb 1202 and 1242

As i need to setup these sensor, tf mini on the main drone and mb 1202 or 1202 on racer fpv drone i need info for the correct setting on mp coz on the net there are good info for it. I hope the developers of this good forum can give me advices for it.
My fc is pixhawk and pixfalcon

Hello @Dave84
For the TFMINI, you have choice of either connecting as a serial device directly into the Pixhawk or use an Arduino read serial and output I2C to the Pixhawk?

What is your plan ?

the best choice is possible, standalone on i2c splitter i saw its not working also in rangefinder list og mp there is no the tf mini lidar

When you use arduino it emulates a Maxbotix I2C === Look at the picture

yes… how about wiring on arduino coz on tf there is tx and rx, and after the wiring for the fc

if this is the best choice why not…, after this i must install on the arduino your ino file

My blog shows all the details and you should be able to build & program it.
I think you will have to gain more experience with Arduino and electronics before trying to implement this project. So practice -read-practice :wink:

yes o saw your blog, but i cannot find info for wire it on serial of the pixhawk, i saw the pins you have soldered but i have no idea about the final connection on the fc… for instal your ino file i don’t have any problem… I guess its working even with modification done by me

Well its Tfmini-serial-arduino-i2c-Pixhawk

ah ok… thanks, tomorrow i will try, after this on mp i must set as a mb i2c