TF-Luna LiDAR does not connect to PIXHAWK

I tried connecting LiDAR TF-Luna to PIXHAWK 2.4.8 but I didn’t get any data.
In Benewake’s test software the LiDAR works properly.
Software version 4.1.1 is installed on the PIXHAWK.
Thanks for any help!

With a lot of help from the seller, I was able to turn on the sensor in I2C communicationApplication of TF-Luna IIC in Pixhawk.pdf (951.7 KB) SmartFly info TF-Luna חיישן לידר 0.1-8 מטר טווח טווח קצר מודול מאתר טווח נקודה אחת UART / I2C תואם Pixhawk ו- Raspberry Pi עבור רחפן/רובוט מכשולים : מוצרי חשמל

This document should be of help to anyone attempting serial connection:

hi, i also have the same problem, so did you just connect the tf luna wire to the i2c port with your gps?