TF-02 Pro Lidar error signal reading


I just read the technical specifications of the tf02 pro lidar and found that if the lidar outputs a value of 4500 if the signal strenght if less than 60. The lidar range is up to 40 meters/ reading of 4000 so the 4500 value is a signal that indicates the lidar data is not good and should not be used.

“Dist(Distance):Represents the output of the distance value detected by TF02-Pro, with the unit in cm by default. This value is interpreted into the decimal value in the range of 0-4500. When the signal strength is lower than 60, the detection is unreliable, TF02-Pro will set distance value to 4500.”

How do I make sure that ardupilot knows this. Do I just set the lidar max distance to 40 meters as specifications say of less. And than ardupilot wont use the lidar if the value is 4500/45 meters?