Text too small in dataflash log viewer graph window

Hi, I haven’t used MP in a while, since 1.3.40, but when I updated to 1.3.53 and try and view a dataflash log, the text in the graph window (the labels) are too small to be read. I’ve tried changing the resolution on the desktop to 640x480 but its still blocky and unreadable. Same when checking “disable display scaling on high DPI settings.” Also I tried changing the windows font scaling to 125% and even 150% and that made all the other fonts in MP big except for the labels in the graph window. Here’s what I mean

Normal (1.3.40):

Too small / blocky (1.3.53)

I’m viewing the same dataflash log in both screenshots, so it should be a good comparison.

Any ideas? I’ve tried searching and found some people with problems with the txt size but their problems were with all the fonts (not just the labels in the dataflash viewer). The fonts on mine are ok except for those labels.

The text scales with the graph size. Just drag the graph larger.

lol Thank you! Wish everything was this easy :slight_smile: