Tethered Drone Hoists Holiday Tree

2020 has been an interesting year for everyone. Everybody is keeping indoors, and everything has gone virtual. And despite the lack of face to face interactions, drones, and the ArduPilot community have flourished like never before. To celebrate the holidays and our love for drones, BFD Systems has utilized a tethered heavy lift system to lift 5600 lights to the sky to create a tree of lights!

This would not have been possible without ArduCopter’s ability to help hold the aircraft’s position with 15 tethers to the ground, the adaptability and modularity to monitor hybrid power systems like a power tether and battery backup, and the rock-solid stability that gives us the ability to fly tethered aircraft for hours and days at a time. Thank you so much to the community of developers, testers, and enthusiasts who have enjoyed and contributed to the project!



This is amazing! Really great effort!


Fantastic, really well done! love the video.