Testing Pixhawk -> Camera Shutter

I am reading how to use Mission Planner to photograph maps and I think I’ve got it all. Pixhawk controls the camera shutter for this. But I would like to test the camera trigger before running a test mission to make sure I filled out all the “stuff” right, like the parameters, shutter settings, channel assignments and PWM length settings. I ended up using RC9 which goes to AUX1. But I would like to make Pixhawk think it’s time to take a pic and see if the camera actually takes a pic before I go flying. Is there any way to test this on the ground?

I found the answer. Right-click flight data screen and choose “trigger camera now”. Any way I can delete this thread?

Hey erkqq, I am also a bit new to this myself. Perhaps you can help me out?

I have a strattosnapper IR trigger connected to aux2 (RC10) of my Pix4 autopilot board. For some reason, the right-click “Trigger Camera NOW” in mission planner does not actually trigger the servo (only the servo “High” and “Toggle” buttons will trigger the servo). Additionally, and I believe this is related, the DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST command in the auto-mission does not set the camera trigger.

Any idea why the “Trigger Camera NOW” is not working?