Testing motor and steering direction

A few users have suffered with their rovers driving in the wrong direction or with steering and throttle controls apparently being reversed. There are a few potential causes but the most common cause is having the RCx_REVERSED or SERVOx_REVERSED parameters set incorrectly.

Rover-3.2 includes a “Motor Test” feature which allows testing that the output (controlled by the SERVOx_REVERSED parameters) is correct and I’ve just added a section to the wiki here.

… and the pic below (from the wiki) gives the basics of how it can be used.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Randy, helped in the right direction for me. as each build can be different, I found my T100 thrusters were wired backwards and the rov tried to navigate in reverse. A quick rewire on the field (i had a one piece 3 pole bullet connector) and was good to go:)

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