Testing Modfied Copter Firmware using SITL


For the past few weeks, I have been learning the arducopter firmware and made some modifications to it. I used the master build of arducopter 4.0 and built it successfully and managed to flash and test it with a pixhawk on hand.

But for future tests, I would like to test the firmware using SITL. I went through the developer guide and got SITL running and even got the gazebo iris demo working and played around with it. But now how do I use my modified firmware in SITL to test it.

My goal would be to test the modified firmware in SITL and if possible also use gazebo to test the firmware with some flight missions.

Any help would be much appreciated.


That is just a matter of changing the targeted board on compilation
To build on your pixhawk, you done something like

waf configure ---board pixhawk1

To build your firmware for SITL, just do

waf configure --board sitl

(or even waf configure as SITL is the default board type !)

That is just to compile.
You can still use sim_vehicle.py to launch the simuation like you do with master. It will also build SITL with your firmware version and launch it.

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I tried it out and worked flawlessly. For some reason, I thought it would involve some complicated procedures.

Thank you very much @khancyr