Testing Compass-less copter (GSF): GPS Glitch + Yaw aligned using GPS

Did flying in Loiter, performing slow yaw turns. At some point got “GPS Glitch” message and “Yaw aligned using GPS” message next moment. Then after few seconds “GPS Glitch cleared”

Though checking the logs did not seen any GPS problem: HDop, lat/lon, SAT count - all were good.
Was there a really problem with GPS?

Another confusing point - why “Yaw aligned using GPS” was performed while GPS Glitch take place? Is that OK?

Log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4fyy9i4n9leuyp/2021-07-05%2020-51-34.zip?dl=0

@rmackay9 could you please advice what should I check to know the root cause?


Thanks for the report. The “GPS Glitch” message will occur whenever the GPS and EKF position estimates diverge and the “Glitch Cleared” message appears when the EKF resets its position back to the GPS. So it can be either the GPS position or the EKF’s estimate that has gone wrong.

I’ve added this to the “Reports requiring investigation” section of the 4.1 issues list. Thanks!