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Testers needed for in-flight compass learning

(tridge) #61

thanks to everyone for testing this feature, much appreciated!
It is now merged into master, so it can be tested with the ‘latest’ auto-builds.
@master-of-desaster-8 the Pixhawk4 build should appear on in the next couple of hours
@marco3dr I know you suggested some improvements in the buzzer and LED patterns - we can do that as a separate PR after this one
Cheers, Tridge

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #62

Don’t forget about the MAVLink message @tridge


(tridge) #63

You can actually do it via MAVLink now, using a param_set_value(“COMPASS_LEARN”, 3), but I agree that a better interface would be nice

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #64

ok, this should be enough :slight_smile:

(Dave) #65

Am I the only one having trouble with this with Pixracer? The firmware in your link caused the RC input to quit and the same thing happens when I load master now (3.7-dev from today). Incidentally the Frsky passthrough telemetry stops also. I load beta back on and all good. Seems odd because another user in this thread said he had no problem in this regard with a Pixracer

(Rolf) #66

Hi Dave,

just tested: The firmware works fine on my (original) Pixracer. No problems with the RC input (FrSky) or the Frsky passthrough telemetry.


(Dave) #67

Thanks Rolf, that’s 2 Pixracers at least working fine and mine not so I’ll investigate for another problem. I have 2 other PixRacers to try also.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #68

Also no issues with master on a PixRacer R14 still from AUAV.

(Markus Greinwald) #69

Hi Tridge,
could You tell me how to get the “expected_mag(GPS,ATT).x” graph in the MAVExplorer?
To graph the “MAG.MagY” is no problem, but on the first one I fail.
Would be interresting to see how accurate the calibration was.


(Markus Greinwald) #70

Hello Tridge,

Yesterday weather was nice - so I could test the new function.
At the Mavlink I got the follwo message:

(maphe) #71

I apologize for the unrelated question.
But I’m curious to ask a question.

How does the plane change with compass learning?
Does it show better flight performance in poshold, althold or auto?

(Geert Folkertsma) #72

Question: what is the difference between this new learning and the other learning options? (COMPASS_LEARN=1,2)

The Advanced Compass Configuration ( says " * Automatically learn offsets : TBD."

(Markus Greinwald) #73

Hi Tridge,

Today I got a succsesfull calibration.

Cheers Markus

(Randy Bachtell) #74

This is a bit off topic but ran into it while testing in-flight compass. I had random rc commanded flight mode changes after a master update. I just saw that you made a change to rc commands and updated. Solved the issue, now all is well with the world😎. Thanks for all your efforts and skill, this just keeps getting better.
Cheers, Randy