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Testers needed for in-flight compass learning

(eovnu87435ds) #20

Tridge, do you think you could compile plane for Omnibus F4 pro for me? I’ll try and test this weekend

(Marco Robustini) #21

For me is ok!
It would be interesting to be able to activate this calibration with a switch, to make comparisons without having to land all the time for all the attempts.
For example in the Copter with CH7/8/9/10…

(tridge) #22

thanks for testing!
Unfortunately I can’t properly see the results in your log as you don’t have the compass logged (LOG_BITMASK=930, which doesn’t include the MAG msg)

yes, sounds like a good idea, although at the moment you can only use the learning feature once per boot
Cheers, Tridge

(tridge) #23

yes, that’s right, it re-enables the compass for normal usage when learning finishes by changing COMPASS_LEARN.

(Joe Breznai) #24

Here are DF logs if you have use of them.
It looks like its works Ok . 450 quad with mRo Pixracer.;

(tridge) #25

thanks! those look good, and are useful as you have the 1st and 3rd compass enabled, and it correctly calibrated those two, while leaving the 2nd (disabled) compass alone

Compass calibration from transmitter
(tridge) #26

I’ve now implemented this in the PR as RCn_OPTION=62. I think this will be a great way to enable it.
I’ve also changed it so you can run it more than once without rebooting

(tridge) #27

I’ve put an updated release with the new RCn_OPTION=62 method of triggering learning here:
It includes CubeBlack, Pixracer, Pixhawk1 and OmnibusF4pro binaries

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(Kenny Trussell) #28

I can’t wait to test this tomorrow. I have a 60" zero turn lawn mower running Ardurover on a Pixhawk 1. The biggest issues I have had with decent decent tracking has been that I can’t really calibrate the compass. This is terrific!

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(Rolf) #29

Logfile of yesterday’s flight (Quadplane, Pihawk 1);

(Marco Robustini) #30

Awesome, my tests with the trigger soons, and with the mag log enabled, of course… :rofl:
“Without rebooting”, or without land?

(tridge) #31

thanks @Rolf, looks like it took about 1 minute to complete, and produced a good result. The EKF was happy with the compass afterwards.

(tridge) #32

either, you can re-run learning in the same flight if you like. It should produce a very similar result.

(Marco Robustini) #33

Nice, In the same folder that I shared now you can find a complete log (bitmask 655358) of various compass calibrations in flight.
I’ve telemetry on my Taranis, so I can see the messages that would also be sent to the Planner, so in the variuos attempts I could see when the calibration was complete, but it would be nice if there was an acoustic warning at the beginning and end of the procedure, as well as a warning changing color on the LEDs, for the users without the telemetry, maybe not useful for the plane, but for the copter and the rover absolutely yes.
Let me know, if you can do these changes today I try it at the airfield and I do a video demonstration.
Thanks Andrew, excellent feature!

(tridge) #34

Looks good, thanks! Nice to see the RC option is working properly, and multiple cals per flight.

yes, that makes sense, but I don’t have time to implement that right now
Thanks for the suggestions!

(tridge) #35

because you were yawing so fast it only took about 10s per calibration for it to complete. For normal people it takes about a minute or so :slight_smile:

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(R Q Robert) #36

Hi All
It would be nice if Marco would share the calibration video …

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(Marco Robustini) #37

@tridge, so you’re telling me I’m not a normal people? Thanks… HAHAHAHA! :joy:

(tridge) #38

did you think you were? :slight_smile:

I found a bit of time this evening and I’ve added buzzer/LED support, re-using the same notify patterns we use for normal on-board compass cal. It isn’t tested, but I have made a test3 build for you to try:
(it’s still building at the moment, that folder should populate in the next 15 mins or so)

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #39

A MAVlink message to start the inflight cal would also be great. That would allow to create a button on a GCS :slight_smile:

We’re running out of RC channels :slight_smile: Guess we’ll need to have a 64 channels RC protocol :wink: