Test of youtube embed

After unsuccessfully embedding some vids in a thread I just wanted to try here using the code from someone else’s embedded vid. Near as I can tell with the current youtube formats there is no way to simply cut and paste the embed code to the Ardupilot forum. According to Stephan the .be links don’t work with the forum’s youtube tags. And I confirmed that the youtube provided embed code doesn’t work with or without the ADP’s youtube tags.

Other embedded vids I have seen here use the current youtube embed code PLUS an added feature that I need to type in manually: feature=player_embedded… and without the youtube tags. Sheesh. Why so klugey here on ADP forum?

Anyway here is my test just to see if I can do it.

No joy… so I will try it again with the youtube tags:

[youtube [/youtube]

OK, I give up. If anyone can show me what is going wrong here I’d appreciate it.

One more try… previous seems to be miising a bracket “]” after the first youtube tag…


One more try… “embedded” mispelled.

With youtube tags


Without youtube tags

One more time…


[quote=“raylo”]One more time…