Test motor

I am using MissionPlaner 1.3.10 and APM2.6 with Quadcopter 3.1.6 firmware. I did all calibrations (compass, accerometer, radio) and tried Testmotor. I am using 4 Mikrokopter esc “Single BL-Ctrl V3.0 2XL” with PPM signal inputs connected to output 1 - 4 of APM2.6 and I get the message “Command was denied by the autopilot”. I tried it with RedBrick esc form Hobbyking but I always get the same message.

Hi hashas, I’m experiencing the same issue on a new build with the APM 1.6 board, just to confirm did you mean AC 3.1.5 (there is no official 3.1.6 release)? In my case I’m able to calibrate the motors (copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initia … esc-motor/), arm and control the motors but cannot run the motor test from either the Initial Setup > Optional > Motor Test or Terminal > Tests > Motors.

I’m going to try updating to the 3.1.4 firmware release if I can find it otherwise try the 3.2 RC but I’m reluctant to play with non-official firmware releases.