Terrain following in QGC

Hi all

I have an issue with the terrain following function when planning surveys in QGC. I originally thought it might be an iOS issue, but have tried it with my laptop as well as iOS i-pad and get the same results.

When i have completed a flight plan, and i select terrain following, when starting my mission the copter simply climbs vertically and keeps going upwards - i have had to abort mission when it gets to 120m. Regardless of the mission alt i set (usually 75m), this happens every time and i am having to abandoned terrain following.

I cannot work out what i am doing wrong and if i am setting my planned home altitude wrong (i simply place the planned point as close to my vehicle launch spot as possible) or why it does this. If i fly at a fixed alt without terrain following, it works just fine.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.


There have been a number of terrain following fixes in daily builds. So first step is to use the latest daily build on your laptop. If that is already what you are doing then can you create a GitHub issue on this with details and include the plan file in there as well.

Hi again

Thanks for the reply. Can you please let me know what you mean by the daily builds and how I get them, just by running the update or another method?