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Terrain data management

(Paul Atherton) #1

I love the Terrain Data functionality in AP that we now have, but it would be great if Mission Planner were able to display the tile coverage currently available on SD card, and also allow for an area to be selected on the map for pre-loading those tiles onto SD for later offline missions, in remote areas say (where no internet connection or ground station is available. Has anyone else considered this functionality and its benefits?
Thanks again Michael for your great work with MP - tremendous effort. Best wishes as always, Paul

(Michael Oborne) #2

if I recall correctly, if terrain is enabled, and the mission is uploaded while still having internet, the AP will request all the tiles it needs

(Paul Atherton) #3

Indeed, that is correct, and tested this morning. I think though that having a feature allowing us to select discrete map areas and the ability to pre-load on this basis would be useful. Also having the ability to query which areas are already loaded would be beneficial.

(Michael Oborne) #4

currently the only way to test this is for MP to request individual points, and let the autopilot respond, there is no other way to see what is cached on the autopilot itself

(Paul Atherton) #5

I see - so this would take some dev work in AP to become a possibility?

(Michael Oborne) #6

yes dev both sides, dev on AP, and dev on MP to show that info

(Paul Atherton) #7

Would you consider it a useful piece of functionality Michael? One worth pursuing?

(Michael Oborne) #8

hard to say, depends on how much it would be used and by how many people.

its a time vs reward scenario.