Terminal garbage, but MAVLink seems okay

Hi, folks.

I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I’m getting some odd problems with my APM2.6 board today.

I’ve hooked up a 3DR radio module and a MaxSonar Ultrasonic Range Finder LV-EZ4. I’ve used the radio a bit (on the dining-room table), but was getting odd (negative) range on the Sonar, so went to fire up the console in MP, and noticed I was just getting garbage.

It seems to connect okay (firmware is 3.2-rc5), but then starts spewing garbage out. I can’t copy and paste the terminal output, so have attached a screenshot. Basically, the garbage keeps coming until I disconnect.

I’ve now disconnected all the new bits, but I’m still getting this erroneous output - how do I reset the board to defaults? The docs I’ve found say to use the console. Does a firmware upload do it?

This was my fault for being daft. I forgot I’d updated to the latest beta, and apparently the terminal is disabled to preserve memory - I was seeing MavLink data.