Teraranger Tower - Check Proximity Sensor Warning


I’m trying to setup a Teraranger Tower proximity sensor. I have set using the tera ranger wiki page on serial 4 (GPS 2) on the pixhawk 2. however when I start up the pixhawk I get the following warning

[MAV 001:1] PreArm: check proximity sensor

I have checked the connections and they all seem to be correct. I have also setup the baud rate and proximity type. but get this warning.

I don’t think that the pixhawk is reading the proximity sensor.

Im using the most recent master version of arducopter.


HI Bruce,

I’ve got the same PreArm: check proximity sensor problem with my TFmini lidar. Have you found a solution?

+1 same issue as ivan with TMmini lidar.


Found the solution ; you have to configure the type of rangefinder type as Lightware type 8.